Copter Exoglass Screen Protector for iPhone 11 & XR


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Copter Exoglass Screen Protector for iPhone XR & iPhone 11

Screen protector made of tempered glass

Do your iPhone XR / iPhone 11 a favor – use Copter Exoglass. The tempered glass has the same hardness that can technically be compared to steel and makes Copter Exoglass the perfect screen protector to counteract scratches and cracks – this without compromising the screen’s touch sensitivity.

Made of glass, strong as steel

Copter Exoglass for iPhone XR / 11 is a screen protector made of four layers of tempered glass, PET film, silicone and composite. Together, they form a protective glass that is used in the defense industry and withstands everything from cracks, scratches, moisture and sharp temperature drops.

Silky touch without scratches

Worry less about scratches and cracks. Objects such as knives, coins and keys will just slide along the surface without giving any marks at all.


  • Tempered glass material
  • Construction of four layers
  • Grease repellent – counteracts fingerprints
  • 100% touch sensitivity
  • Hardness grade 8H-9H 
  • Shatter protection